Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has revealed to Autocar the moment he discovered that Nico Rosberg was retiring from Formula 1.

And – of course – he was getting out the shower. “I was stepping out of the shower lacking any clothes - which I normally do when I get out of the shower! And my phone was ringing,” Zetsche explained.

“And I saw it was Toto [Wolff, Mercedes F1 boss] and I thought, oh again, something with Lewis! But then I got the news. And I did not expect that, I must say.”

But Zetsche said he was quick to accept the move by Rosberg to step away from the F1 circus.

He continued: “I respected that decision. I mean, obviously, one [Hamilton] is saying 'I want more and more and I want to break more records and make history', and the other one [Rosberg] is saying 'well, I finally fulfilled my life dream and what can be on top of that?', and both approaches are legitimate.”