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Why Thierry Bollore is the right CEO for JLR's new era

Ex-Renault boss chimes perfectly with the values of the two brands he seeks to reinvent

15 February 2021
Sales figures

Why the British car industry should embrace its niche status

Historically, British cars have never been big volume-sellers, at least not recently - the number we ought to focus on is profit

9 February 2021
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A counterpoint to the road to 2030

Our obsession with EVs risks smothering other solutions to reduce CO2 emissions

4 February 2021
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Why Tavares can make Stellantis succeed

The Frenchman talks a bold game about the fourth largest car firm and has the credentials from his time at PSA to back it up

20 January 2021
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EV charging should be easy – so why isn't it?

Driving up to a charger, plugging in and seamlessly paying is a simple dream. Yet in reality the process remains complicated

20 January 2021
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How I weep for the death of the combustion engine

It's the beginning of the end for the mildly explosive form of wind instruments

18 January 2021
2020 Jaguar XJ spy shot
Prototypes of the new XJ were spotted testing last year
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What's happened to the new Jaguar XJ?

Covid delayed the pivotal new Jaguar XJ, which was supposed to herald a bright new future for Castle Bromwich

6 January 2021
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Synthetic fuels prove electric cars aren't the only option

Most firms are rushing towards electric cars, but Mercedes, Porsche and Geely are looking at alternatives

8 December 2020
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Inside the industry: Will a radical shake-up save Ford?

Now more than ever, the Blue Oval has to shake things up to secure its future

3 August 2020
Thierry Bollore reveals new Renault Clio, 2019
Bolloré's reign at Renault was brief, but he left an impression
Industry news

What to expect from the pragmatic new JLR boss

Past encounters with ex-Renault CEO Thierry Bolloré have revealed him to be calm, considered and authoritative

28 July 2020
2019 Geneva motor show - Aston Martin Vanquish Vision
2019 Geneva motor show: Aston Martin Vanquish Vision
Industry news

Can motor shows survive Geneva's cancellation?

Europe's biggest motor show may never be held again, which is a shame for enthusiasts and industry watchers

30 June 2020
Renault Captur
Renault Captur
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Why Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi have gone all-in on Alliance

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance seemed set to fracture after Carlos Ghosn's downfall – but the firms involved are now more committed than ever

27 May 2020



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