Dealership, sales and marketing

One way Stellantis could make Spoticar stand out

Going beyond the usual approved used benefits could help the manufacturer group differentiate itself from rivals

26 July 2021

Nissan's battery plant is the future - but for how long?

The automotive industry could be looking at the exponential growth of EV battery production

1 July 2021
Tech, development and manufacturing

Pedant's corner: why the term 'gigafactory' grates

As more and more companies look at opening battery manufacturing complexes, we ask why all the hype around calling them 'gigafactories'

29 June 2021

Why connecting your car to the cloud will be a good thing

Mass-connectivity scares some, but our man reckons the positives far outweigh the negatives

9 June 2021
Finance and corporate

Lamborghini: Why would VW sell and why would anyone buy?

Record profits make the chances of this sale even greater. But why, aside from a punchy valuation, would VW sell?

26 May 2021
Dealership, sales and marketing

Jaguar Land Rover must do these two things to succeed

First, it must thrive in the EU; second, it must reduce its production to break-even point

17 May 2021
Finance and corporate

Why Thomson's departure from Jaguar is both shocking and expected

JLR CEO Thierry Bolloré likes an overarching design boss. Might Julian Thomson have felt his authority was being eroded?

7 May 2021
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Technology news

Can Uber sustain its business model with a bespoke electric car?

Arrival will create an EV specifically for ride-share drivers, but questions remain

5 May 2021
Industry news

Why Thierry Bollore is the right CEO for JLR's new era

Ex-Renault boss chimes perfectly with the values of the two brands he seeks to reinvent

15 February 2021
Sales figures

Why the British car industry should embrace its niche status

Historically, British cars have never been big volume-sellers, at least not recently - the number we ought to focus on is profit

9 February 2021
Industry news

A counterpoint to the road to 2030

Our obsession with EVs risks smothering other solutions to reduce CO2 emissions

4 February 2021
Industry news

Why Tavares can make Stellantis succeed

The Frenchman talks a bold game about the fourth largest car firm and has the credentials from his time at PSA to back it up

20 January 2021


Motorsport news

First drives

First Drive

Audi SQ5 TDI 2021 UK review

2 August 2021