There is only one story in town this week and that’s the upcoming £2k you will get against a new car courtesy of the government’s scrappage plans.

But what about spending £2k on something that isn’t going to depreciate and disappoint? I say let’s get out there this weekend and buy one of those cars that Gordon and his gang want to get off the road.

First up, while researching my “I couldn’t help noticings” for the mag, I spied not one but several Alfa Romeo 155s. Some were 1.8 Twin Sparks, but there were also some 2.0-litre models out there, and one - up for just £1700 - was a full-effect Sport edition from an Alfa specialist. It even had working air-con and a recent cambelt change, so no worries there. Could we lose characterful cars like these because they just happen to be the wrong hands?

Then a friend of mine bought an R-plate Mazda 323 in red for £500. It’s red and absolutely immaculate with a full service history and just 50,000 miles. This has become the family second car and all he had to sort out was a stray wire on the sound system. Is this the sort of reliable car we are happy to just dump when there is years of life left in it?