What vehicle you would go out and buy to use on a race track that was cheap and cheerful? Because of course racing cars is only ever interesting if you are actually doing the racing.

I say this because whatever residual interest any normal well adjusted person has for Formula 1 must have evaporated by now.

F1, which I must point is not a sport, is only watched by geeks who love the tech, anoraks that study rulebooks and supporters of sundry global corporate brands. Let’s all cheer for Vodasantanbull!

As it is not a sport, ideally F1 should be regarded high technology warfare with no rules whatsoever. Then I might be interested. I was certainly interested when men were Moss, blokes were Hunt, and drivers were Senna, but not anymore.

So, as we can safely ignore the stupid goings on in F1 it is down to us to buy cars and go proper racing. Grasstrack racing is a wonderfully exciting event and has lots of mud. Mud would certainly liven up F1 and reminds me of the brilliant Rallycross events you could watch on ITV’s World of Sport when they murdered retired rally cars.

Autotesting is interesting and at least you can see the whole event in one car park. Drag Racing is quick and settles the argument as to who is fastest in seconds. Drifting certainly seems fun for participants and spectators alike. Banger racing is just silly although it would be perfect to rid the world of the BMW X6.