I have to admit that this week I have mostly been looking at the BMW 6-series. Not the fright mask-wearing, bloated one you can find in the showrooms for around £15k, but the old-school shark-nosed ones. You can get them for £2995 (albeit with not much of a service history).

Anyway, that got me thinking: why would you pay £15k for a coupe when you can get something far prettier for just £5k?

A white Honda Integra Type R for £5k would be nice and I’ve seen a few of those in the classifieds recently in all their milk float colour scheme glory. I also have an immense amount of time for the long-lost Toyota Celica, and you should get a 2002 one for that. You can get miley Mercedes CLKs and Sport Coupes for that sort of cash, too. But are they proper Mercs? Course not; you want an E320 coupe in Sportline spec (the good-old early 1990s W124 model) for that. Better still, the values of these particular models have actually been on the rise in recent months.