It was all going so well until those pesky Not In My Back Yards got involved.

We had one of the most unique races of the Formula E season at Battersea Park, but a small group of locals weren’t having any of it. The round was dropped from the calendar following protests that claimed it was disrupting to the area. And this is one of the world’s quietest sports.

It’s undoubtedly a shame that there’s currently no British round on motorsport’s top electric category, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything to dampen the spirits of those who want to make this country a leader in the field.

I was reminded of this just a couple of weekends back when Shelsley Walsh, the world’s oldest operating motorsport venue, launched a new electric-only hillclimb class. It received backing from Ford and Renault, with the former bringing its new Focus Electric and the latter supplying its upgraded 2017 Zoe to take part, which I drove.