I reckon we might be very surprised at the speed and depth at which General Motors gets going on the restructuring of Vauxhall/Opel after yesterday’s welcome decision to hold on to its European business.From what I’m hearing, the project will be handed over to GM in the US and be overseen by CEO Fritz Henderson.

One of Henderson’s priorities is to find a new faces to replace Carl-Peter Forster and other directors at GME. It’s reckoned that the sell-off process exposed the GME board and the Henderson strategy is likely to include a major cull of suits similar to the one that cleared out the Detroit boardroom.

A possible successor is Eric Stevens, GM’s manufacturing boss, although there is a remote possibility that an outsider might get the job.

This will mark a significant shift of power to the US and one that some insiders reckons will also tilt the balance in favour of Vauxhall and the UK inside GME rather than Opel and Germany.