Has anyone else seen the new Fiat 500 ad? It runs through many clips of objects you can recognise instantly, naming them 'everyday masterpieces', with images of the Fiat 500 appearing randomly among them. Very clever, and quite effective. Until you are faced with grammatical nightmare that is the 500's catch line: 'you are, we car'

Errr... what? Does this make sense to anyone?

This is a very clever company, with a great car, and undoubtedly a huge advertising budget, and this is what the viewer is left to ponder over the next episode of Corrie? What does it mean?

It sounds like a quote from 17th Century philosopher, René Descartes, who also coined the phrase 'I think, therefore I am'. But I very much doubt that's where Fiat was going with this.

So what was the thinking behind it? Click here to watch the advert, and then send answers on a postcard to PO BOX, WTF? 500, Turin, Italy.