Autocar office parlance can be misleading - confusing, even – and when it starts creeping into print, either on this website or in the magazine, it usually needs explanation.

For instance, we conduct two marquee sports car tests every year, habitually titled ‘Britain’s Best Driver’s Car’ and our 'Everyday handling heroes' – the second of which you may have recently read about for 2015.

In the office, we simply call them ‘Handling Day’ and ‘Junior Handling Day’. But the ‘junior’ bit isn’t an entirely helpful part of the description, because it implies a sense of inferiority about the whole shebang that’s wholly unfounded.

‘Junior Handling Day’ is important. There are a vastly greater number of people genuinely interested in finding out how best to spend £30,000 on a new driver’s car than in how to spend a cool quarter of a million.