There isn't much that gets by our forum users, and among the topics they've highlighted this week is a successful, but largely unreported, land speed record attempt that took place last weekend. To be frank, the reaction hasn't been entirely positive, either.

The record – or to be absolutely accurate, three records, for one-mile, quarter-mile and 500-metre runs with flying-start (and subject to MSA ratification) – was set by Graeme Smith on Pendine Sands. The amiable 40-year-old from Cheshire was very much in the shadow of the Bluebird team, but I reckon he deserves some praise – even if his fastest average over two runs along the beach was 'only' 70.19mph.

Now, I know 70mph doesn't sound a lot, even for a diesel Smart, and it's true that nobody has ever tried to set a UK land speed record in the class for diesel cars with engine capacity of between 750-1100cc, so his was a guaranteed sucess, but hold fire before you knock Smith's efforts. The real triumph was not the setting of the records, but having the balls to go out and do it.