My first few days as the ‘owner’ of a Nissan Leaf have not gone as planned.

I left the Autocar office late on Tuesday evening, ahead of a 6.00am check-in at Heathrow. Road tester Vicky Parrott had warned me earlier that the Leaf’s front passenger side tyre ‘looked a bit flat’. And it was.

So my first journey in the Leaf was, ironically, to the local filling station to use the air line. I pumped the tyre up but wasn’t sure it was perfectly healthy.

So I drove the Leaf back to the office, parked it and spotted a huge Phillips screw in the middle of the tread. Unlucky, considering the Leaf has covered just 150 miles and arrived on the back of flat bed. I had to borrow Editor Hallett’s Range Rover for the Heathrow run and the Leaf was left in dock while a new tyre was fitted.

Even so, planning my journeys with the Leaf in mind is requiring a completely new kind of thinking.