From today, you’ll no longer need to carry your paper counterpart driving licence with you.

I know, it’s not the most exciting news you’ll hear this week, but the DVLA is still claiming it’ll save motorists “millions of pounds,” in re-issuing costs.

Last year, for example, drivers paid £20 each to replace an estimated 445,000 counterpart driving licences. You can see how the pennies stack up…

So why the move? It’s all part of the DVLA’s plan to digitise motorists’ records. The first step in that process was to scrap paper tax discs - something which caused near outrage when the online system crashed during its first day of use.

The newly digitised system means you’ll be able to share your driving record electronically, too - something you’ll need to do when hiring a car.

It’s a small change, yes, but anything which cuts down on red tape - and the amount of paper detritus in my wallet - can only be seen as good news.