The news that insurance company Aviva is set to cough up a record £300k for repairs on a crashed Pagani Zonda got me thinking. Is this really “the most expensive crash in history” as the headline writers would have us believe?

The Pagani in question was being driven by a colleague who was working for a rival magazine, and unfortunately for him the owner of the £528k Zonda was sitting in the passenger seat at the time. Ouch.

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Quite how such an experienced driver ended up parking a Pagani tail first into a telegraph pole nobody really knows (officer).

But the resulting damage is, as stated, going to cost £300k to fix, and the good folks from Avia have agreed in kind to pay out.

Surely, though, the bloke who once famously stuffed his Ferrari 250 GTO into the back of another car during an historic race caused more damage – both financially and emotionally – than our friend who will remain nameless in the Zonda? GTO’ go for anything up to £19 million, so the repair bill must have been several hundred miles north of £300k.

Simialrly, at least two Veyrons are known to have been written off by their insurance companies while A N Other bloke once famously lunched his Jaguar XJ220 on a golf course.

It’s reasonably well known, also, that a gentlemen called “Fat Steven” Eriksson pretty much destroyed his Enzo (circa £800k) when he allegedly crashed it at 196mph.

And what about the time BMW’s ex-boss Bernard Fishtrousers (Bernd Pischetsrieder) rolled his McLaren F1 with not one but two members of his own family on board? Don’t reckon that cost less than £300k to sort.

Neither would the repairs to the original 300 SL (approx £600k), which was thumped from behind and virtually destroyed not so long ago by a council truck owned by the state of Seattle.

Heck, I nearly managed to put Autocar under myself once when I decided to drive over, rather than around, a roundabout in Wales in Tom Walkinshaw’s own private XJ220. Then again, perhaps the less said about that particular incident, the better.