Bob Lutz, GM’s veteran product chief, has been uncharacteristically quiet of late while his company teeters on the brink of collapse.

untitled This is very surprising.

After all, he's Detroit's genuine ‘car guy’ who has worked for GM and Chrysler – plus BMW – is never afraid to speak his mind and flies fighter jets in his spare time.

The 76-year-old veteran is usually on the frontline, a loose cannon, firing gold-dust quotes to eager reporters.

“Global warming. What a crock of s**t,” was one of his best. 

We thought GM had locked him in the basement of its Detroit HQ while it struggles to persuade skeptical congressman that it's a green-thinking going concern.

But no. I’m pleased to report that Maximum Bob is back. And he’s trying to save his under-fire boss Rick Wagoner.

“If Congress wants a sacrifice, it should be me,” Lutz bravely declared this afternoon. “I’m older,” Lutz said. “And I’ve made politically incorrect remarks about global warming, so it should be me.”