If you read Autocar magazine regularly, you may know that we’re running a Honda Civic Tourer on our long-term fleet. It’s powered by Honda’s new-for-this year 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine, and it’s proving to be spectacularly economical. I like it a lot.

It regularly records an average economy figure in the low-70s on my 36-mile commute to work, and mid-60s is easily achievable in everyday driving. Even with regular town work and use by considerably more throttle-happy drivers than me, the overall average currently stands at 59mpg after 5000 miles. That’s pretty good going for a 4.5m-long estate with a 1668-litre seats-folded load capacity.

A couple of days ago, a Civic hatch arrived at the office, sporting some extra driver-assist safety kit for us to try. Again, it was a 1.6 i-DTEC-powered car, but in SR trim rather than our Tourer’s EX Plus spec, which meant that the hatch arrived on 16-inch wheels while the Tourer runs on 17s. The hatch also had 2700 miles on the clock, about half that of our Tourer.

Before we go any further, a few caveats. Aside from the Tourer’s 59mpg overall average, which is worked out using some meticulous notes and a calculator, all of these figures are taken from the two cars’ trip meters.