Or maybe not. I think this particular Rolls Royce could just be the world’s most tasteless motorcar, although I’m equally sure that its owner believes it to be the bees knees.

Whoever it belongs to, and wherever they may be from (I think the flag on the number plate suggests Guernsey, but I’m not 100 per cent certain; the car was parked up outside one of those heinously expensive clothes boutiques that you only ever see in Beverly Hills or Knightsbridge, or in this case Puerto Banus, and which you’re ever only allowed in to by way of a personal invitation; and no, don’t ask why I happened to be passing by. This monster of a machine has to the best/worst example of what not to do to a perfectly decent Rolls Royce.

Its styling had been massacred by, sorry modified by, German tuning house Mansory, and boy did it have the badges to prove it. They were all over the front spoiler (a spoiler on a Rolls Royce?), the new exhausts, the boot lid, the grille, the wheels, everywhere.

So anyway, I took some pictures of it and thought I’d share them with you, dear reader; photos of what is I reckon the most fantastically tasteless car I’ve ever seen. And so what about you, got any pictures of anything that you reckon can top a Guernsey registered, black and white Mansory Rolls Royce, parked up in Puerto Banus?