It started with a relatively simple festive email from a gentleman called Bill Thomas, formerly of this parish but nowadays the editor of Wheels magazine in Australia.

He sent the following video clip to a few colleagues back in the UK, claiming to be ‘pretty impressed with this bloke’s transition work.’ And then he said ‘Happy new year etc’.

It then descended pretty much instantly, and rather pathetically given that the recipients of said email is each the wrong side of 35, into a; ‘yeah yours is okay but check out mine’ YouTube driving clip-a-thon. Which included the famous Walter Röhrl’s shoes footage, gifted to the group by Ben Oliver, also once an Autocar scribe and now at CAR:

Then it went somewhat bizarrely to this, sent from Chris 'Monkey' Harris, now at Pistonheads:

And then finally, after various other vaguely interesting car related clips had been round-robined, it ended up with this – perhaps the most ludicrous piece of fast driving you’ll ever see:

Conclusion: car journalists are very sad, very lonely people indeed. Bear that in mind, please, the next time you tear one of us to shreds…