Trains are so century before last, aren’t they? Yet the Government has allocated a billion twillion gazillion quid on getting people who live in London to Birmingham half an hour faster. And vice versa. By train.

‘Let the train take the strain’ said the recently departed DJ, Sir Jim of Saville. He was probably right back then (the 1970s), right now though it is wrong on all practical levels.

My sister, who is much nicer and cleverer than me, decided this week to chuck in the daily grind to Liverpool Street Station on the grounds that she never gets a seat, it never runs on time and the cost of a season ticket only goes upwards. Oh and its just so depressing to be on a slow smelly train and have your microwave dinner at 10pm. Every night.

If there is money to be spent then surely we should upgrade everything that is already overloaded and that includes the roads. A dualled A11 for instance. Some filled-in pot holes. I am sure you have a major route near you that needs sorting and it is much more likely to be a road than a track.

The problem with trains is that they don’t always deposit you where you want to be. Taxi! So, yes, you end up back on the road again, the one that needs repairing.

Surely with that sort of mega budget the Government has proposed we should be able to invent a whole new people delivery system. Star Trek dematerialisation? Fedex everyone in the country an Autogyro?

So I would welcome your sensible/silly suggestions of how better to spend all our money.