I notice that a Mercedes-Benz 600 formerly owned by Elvis Presley has sold for £80,700, which seems like remarkably good value. Although I would be keen to own it I would much prefer the De Tomaso Pantera that he apparently shot after it broke down, again.

I thought a famous name and a car equalled a big fat asking price. I once spent an afternoon in Yarmouth with a man who had Princess Diana’s Ford Escort, a present from Prince Charles in the 1980s. He was fairly convinced (that’s the bloke who owned it, not Prince Charles) that a Las Vegas Casino was poised to pay something skywards of $250,000 for it. I don’t think that happened.

I had a Sprite which Bjork once borrowed for a music video and maybe I should have held onto it on the basis that an überfan would one day take it off my hands for an undisclosed sum. So I just wondered whether you had bought one of those footballer’s cars that constantly seem to be advertised on a well known website? Or indeed any celebrity owned motor and, whether you paid more for it? Also, what celebrity car would you like to own?

I notice that a recreated Batmobile for £100K is now a real possibility. Personally though, a Captain Scarlett SPV (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle) would do me fine and be wonderful in the snow with the rear track in the down position.