I notice that a Mercedes-Benz 600 formerly owned by Elvis Presley has sold for £80,700, which seems like remarkably good value. Although I would be keen to own it I would much prefer the De Tomaso Pantera that he apparently shot after it broke down, again.

I thought a famous name and a car equalled a big fat asking price. I once spent an afternoon in Yarmouth with a man who had Princess Diana’s Ford Escort, a present from Prince Charles in the 1980s. He was fairly convinced (that’s the bloke who owned it, not Prince Charles) that a Las Vegas Casino was poised to pay something skywards of $250,000 for it. I don’t think that happened.

I had a Sprite which Bjork once borrowed for a music video and maybe I should have held onto it on the basis that an überfan would one day take it off my hands for an undisclosed sum. So I just wondered whether you had bought one of those footballer’s cars that constantly seem to be advertised on a well known website? Or indeed any celebrity owned motor and, whether you paid more for it? Also, what celebrity car would you like to own?

I notice that a recreated Batmobile for £100K is now a real possibility. Personally though, a Captain Scarlett SPV (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle) would do me fine and be wonderful in the snow with the rear track in the down position.

So, celebrity cars and real cars made from toys. It will soon be the Christmas holidays so lets have some fun. However, I’ll be back now and then to poke you all with gear sticks before next year.