I always have a problem giving new cars awards, as they haven’t yet cut it in the new car marketplace - which may explain all those Fiat ‘Car of the Year’ awards.

Personally I like a really retrospective car award – one when the model in question has been around for a bit.

Thank heavens, then, for the CAP Used Car Awards. CAP may sound like a meaningless acronym, or a reference to the flat one I wear when driving an open-topped vehicle. Once upon a time it stood for Current Auction Prices, but now it is a little Black Book of trade car values.

Anyway here is its roll of honour, and I invite you to comment on it.

Overall winner and best medium used family car of the decade: Ford Focus 1998 - 2005Small used car of the decade: Ford Ka 1996 – 2008Large used family car of the decade: Volkswagen Passat 1996 – 2005Executive used car of the decade: Audi A3 2003 – 2008Luxury used car of the decade: BMW X5 2000 – 2006Most improved used car brand of the decade: Seat

Personally, I find it a tad too German, even though I do like German cars. I don’t know if I actually see a BMW X5 as a luxury car, but more of a high-rise 5-series, which is surely an executive car?

Similarly, the Audi A3 is a very ‘junior executive, done quite well in regional sales’ sort of car. Can’t argue with the Focus, I suppose, and I do like the Ka - apart from the rusty bits.

So perhaps this is a corporate, residual value sort of view, rather than one that represents you and me with our own hard-earned, who might just buy something a little more Japanese.

The Honda Jazz is surely the most supremely easy to own small hatch of all? The Mazda 6 is the best family car, maybe? Lexus, anyone? Those Jaguar XJs I love?

Shame they didn’t ask me or you then...