11 July 2013

They both produce more than 500bhp, and they both offer supercar-rivalling pace. But can the big, practical Audi RS6 really outpace the breathtaking Nissan GT-R. Steve Sutcliffe hosts the battle.

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A.Z 28 August 2013

compare 911 turbo s with GT-R

I know about the price but ,, i dont think so that GT-R can be better than the king,, do that compare this two cars like this and show us wich one is better,,, thank u

madmac 13 July 2013

And for the poor people?

Great combo for the rich people.For the poor people I recommend an A45 AMG for practicality and a Porsche Cayman.Plus a used Defender 90 for Winter and mud plugging [The rich can have a G63 AMG]

bomb 12 July 2013


NMGOM wrote:

Got distracted, I guess.  I meant to recommend a lighter Coupe

He he, blame the heat..!