Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ UK distributor has pretty unashamedly gone after moneyed motorhomers with the Grand California’s pricing, having ruled out the lesser-powered engines available in other markets from the showroom range.

The Grand California line-up therefore opens for business just below £70,000, with very few examples likely to leave the order form for much less than £75,000 and a fully loaded 680 4Motion easily likely to beat £90,000. Third-party conversions of similar size can be had for less than £60k without shopping too hard, so VW had better hope, for the long-term sales performance of this motorhome, that the market responds to its distinguishing lures.

Grand California is the first Volkswagen camper with its own onboard loo, fitted in a ‘wet room’ with a shower and wash basin. Uses what campers call a cassette toilet

Touring fuel economy is unlikely to be among them, although it’s respectable enough for a vehicle of this size. Our habitual touring economy test is carried out at 60mph in one of the outside lanes of Millbrook’s high-speed bowl, and at that speed, it was clear that aerodynamic drag was taking its toll on an indicated return of 28.5mpg. But wider testing also made it clear that, at a reduced cruising pace, the Grand California could just about beat 30mpg.

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