The Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is an impressive vehicle on many fronts. Its ingeniously versatile interior is to be expected, given that it’s an MPV, but its accomplished handling is more unusual.

Vauxhall reckons the Zafira Tourer should be as much fun one-up as it is with a chattering load, and it has largely succeeded. How many buyers will favour this trade-off, when the flipside is a sometimes agitated ride, is another matter.

It’s handsome and has keen handling but needs better comfort levels

But there’s no questioning the versatility and convenience, or the 163bhp CDTi’s strong performance and economy, even if it could use more polish. Vauxhall’s attempt to provide a classy interior mostly works, too.

A shame, then, that the price is quite high. Were it more keenly priced, this XXL Zafira would make as strong a contender as its XL predecessor.