After a week and the best part of 1000 miles of testing the Vauxhall Maloo, we're still little closer to finding out what purpose it best fills.

There is no direct rival because it just isn't the type of car you'll otherwise find on British roads.

The best two-seat pick-up £50,000 will buy you

So what is it? Performance pick-up? Its load bay has a limited height and it ain't much cop in rough terrain. A two-seat coupe with a big boot? Perhaps, but it is more than five metres long.

In the end, we've decided that normal rules just don't apply. It's not the most sophisticated tool, but great fun nonetheless.

We're still not totally sure what purpose the Maloo serves other than to make the motoring world a happier place by being a big-hearted, loveable and sweet-handling rogue.

Now that's a purpose it serves remarkably well.