The Vauxhall GTC is not without its faults, but like the streamlined Calibra of the 1990s, it certainly provides Vauxhall with a curvaceous excuse to start shouting about brand and badge allure again.

British-born design chief Mark Adams deserves significant credit; the styling transformation achieved under his direction would probably have ensured that the three-door Astra made a sizeable impact had it simply been slipped on to the standard hatchback’s humdrum chassis. But thanks to an admirable investment of time and money, this coupé can back up its new appearance with a deeper dynamic authority.

Vauxhall designed the GTC to transform its image; in many ways, they have succeeded

If you can live without the added desirability of a Volkswagen Scirocco, even a Peugeot RCZ, we heartily recommend the GTC. For keener drivers who value tautness and agility in a car first and foremost, the GTC offers real sporting appeal, and is as suited to British blacktop as any £20k coupe we can think of.

It won’t break the bank, either. A like-for-like Scirocco will set you back between £1000 and £1500 more, and an RCZ more still.

Ultimately, there are sufficient weaknesses in the GTC’s formula for it not to be fêted as a complete product, but the car has comfortably earned its place on the shortlist of candidates for class leader in a strong field.


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