It’s the job of the Autocar road test to be hard-nosed about cars like the Mirai.

Advanced technology has to make for a better car, yet in so many ways the Mirai isn’t a better take on a typical family saloon – not quite, or at least not yet.

Expensive but credible hydrogen pioneer is enormously bold and significant

It’s heavy and has soggy handling, it offers slightly restricted cabin and boot space, it’s far too expensive, it’s challenging to refuel and it holds little interest for its driver – which is the part of this template we’d seek to change first.

And yet if we could hand out a bonus star for consistently breaking down technological barriers, paving the road down which a whole industry may subsequently travel, we’d give it to Toyota.

Although £66,000 is undoubtedly a lot to ask for the Mirai, it’s a start. And putting a price on the clean slate that sustainably produced hydrogen provides for the car gives you a clear view on the bigger picture.

Toyota deserves enormous credit for sketching out that picture and making those brave early strokes – even if it is for other manufacturers to add colour and life to later on.

And as a result that is why the Toyota Mirai pips the Honda FCV Clarity, Hyundai ix35 FCV, Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell and the Riversimple Rasa.