The Across may be no more or less than a rebadged, lightly restyled RAV4 PHEV, but its foundation is impressively strong. Not only does Suzuki’s first plug-in hybrid arrive with a class-leading claimed range, but it’s also capable of making good on its claims for electric autonomy, which makes it something of a collector’s item.

It has rounded, predictable, reassuring handling; quietly potent real-world performance, in whichever mode you happen to be driving it; and a plug-in petrol powertrain that continues to offer commendable efficiency even when the drive battery has been depleted. In the measurable, objective terms in which this test chiefly deals, it would be flat wrong to label the Across as anything other than a standout car.

Excellent hybrid powertrain makes it one of the best PHEVs around

For some private buyers, this Suzuki’s £45,599 list price will be a tricky, if not impossible, pill to swallow. Plug-in versions of the Land Rover Discovery Sport and BMW X3 aren’t much more money, will hold their value better and outclass the Across for desirability.

But if you care less about how your car makes you feel than what it’s capable of in daily use, know this: the Across is a better electrified SUV than the vast majority we’ve tested.

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