It should be no great shock to find that this 992 generation of Porsche’s 911 is a slightly larger car than what it replaces – because legendary sports cars are subject to the same influences that have been making most replacement models bigger than what went before for decades.

It’s now 20mm longer, 44mm wider and 41mm taller than the Carrera S we road tested back in 2016, since Porsche has effectively deleted the ‘narrow body’ of the old rear-driven Carrera. Generational growth spurts have been applied to this car, over the years, in an attempt to refine its handling on the limit and to tame the potential pendulum effect associated with a rear-engined layout and a short wheelbase. Next to the 1963 original, however, the 992 is some 229mm longer and 152mm wider. It’s roomier and safer, too, of course. The price of progress, you might say.

Optional sports exhaust system (£1844) swaps the regular quad-pipe arrangement out for two largerdiameter oval-shaped pipes. These seem to sit more comfortably within the 992’s rear bumper.

Continuing the trend set by the facelifted 991, the 992’s 3.0-litre flat-six motor is supplemented by a pair of turbochargers. While it displaces the same 2981cc as before, those turbochargers are larger and now feature electronically controlled wastegate valves; the charge air cooling system has been completely overhauled; and new piezo-controlled injectors optimise fuel distribution within the combustion chambers. A gasoline particulate filter has also been installed.

With these modifications, the 3.0-litre motor now develops 444bhp at 6500rpm and 391lb ft at 2300- 5000rpm (a marginally narrower, meaner spread than in the 991 Carrera GTS, but not by much). This is all directed to the rear wheels of our Carrera S via a new eight-speed PDK gearbox, while the 4S distributes it to all four corners as required. A space in the casing of the new transmission, we’re told, has been left to accommodate the electric motor that will feature on forthcoming hybrid models. A stickshifter manual is coming later.

Even greater amounts of aluminium have been used in the car’s construction, leading to a claimed weight saving of 20kg over the previous PDK-equipped Carrera S. On MIRA’s test scales, the 992 weighed in at 1525kg, with weight split 36:64 front to rear.

Suspension is by way of MacPherson struts up front, with a multi-link arrangement at the rear. Porsche’s Active Suspension Management dampers have been redesigned for a more supple ride and more responsive handling, although the sport set-up specified on our test car saw its ride height drop by 10mm.


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Optional rear-axle steering (which was introduced with the 991) was also specified on our test car, as was a sport exhaust, Sport Chrono Package and front axle lift system.

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