Are you an enthusiast who likes the occasional spirited on-road drive and whose only car is a large SUV? Then the Mercedes M-Class probably isn’t for you.

But for those who like to dedicate a car to its more conventional use, the M-Class in general, and this one in particular, could be the answer.

The nav’s map screen allows a variety of viewing options: north up, direction of travel up, or 3D direction view. Enough to suit all mindsets

The latest ML is extremely relaxing to drive in an unspirited fashion. It rides comfortably, has a pleasingly solid-feeling cabin and boasts an enviably long range, thanks to the four-cylinder diesel’s economy advantage of 10mpg compared with the V6.

All of our testers decided that it was fast enough, too. All of which means you should be willing to overlook any relative lack of refinement from this engine.

Throw in its excellent running costs compared with its competitors and the ML, in 250 Bluetec form, is as compelling as it has ever been.