From £61,3106

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

For a relative newcomer to performance circles, Lexus certainly isn’t tearing in with a bargain price, but it has made the RC F quietly good value.

Priced within a few hundred quid of the M4 and Audi RS5, it looks like a relatively smart buy for private buyers when you take into account its stronger residual value and extensive list of standard kit, which includes the adaptive LED headlights, auto ’box and reversing camera that BMW expects you to pay extra for.

Our RC F averaged 23.8mpg during True MPG testing

That V8 makes it a heinously expensive company car, but most of its rivals would be, too.

The bigger inconvenience here is that it’s a £485-a-year prospect on road tax, whereas the M4 would be £220 cheaper. The BMW is also six groups cheaper to insure and a shade under 4mpg more economical in real-world use, as proved by our True MPG tests.

Forget the Carbon edition and the Torque Vectoring differential, though; the £3500 you'd otherwise spend on the TVD will buy you active cruise, premium audio and a sunroof.