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Steering, suspension and comfort

In the Premium Tech specification of our test car, the Q70 is unlikely to be at the height of its dynamic powers. A handling compromise just on the sporting side of normal, and prioritising a certain straightforward cornering poise and honesty of control feedback, is what we’ve come to expect from Infiniti at its best.

Not that we got that from the Q50. It remains to be seen if the Q70 delivers it in optimal specification, but in this apparently softened state of being, the car offers neither truly convincing ride comfort and ease of operation nor much in the way of sporting dynamism.

The Q70's soft but also relatively short springs and fairly firm roll bars allow it to roll only so far

Its gait feels soft, compliant and necessarily gently damped at first, the body loping along convivially over an unchallenging surface – but plenty of weight characterises the steering and there is above-average directness, too.

A more conventional big limousine with an agenda for comfort would have lighter, slower steering, but moreover it would filter out more of the bump steer and surface interference that you feel from the front contact patches. So the Q70’s steering feel, while welcome to an interested driver, is perhaps a bit miscalculated.

Stretch the car to an enthusiastic pace and its body control becomes quite loose, allowing more in the way of vertical movement than roll, admittedly, but also a little too much suspension crash into the cabin – no doubt as a result of the eased-off damper settings.

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Although softly sprung, the chassis has insufficient wheel travel because it seems to run into its bump-stops fairly abruptly at times. Although cornering balance is quite well judged, lateral traction isn't. Also, the power steering’s assistance levels can fluctuate widely when you're pressing on, making the car tricky to guide on the limit.