The Honda Jazz delivers things to enjoy; the action of the rear seats will impress engineering enthusiasts and the drivetrain is sweet.

It is as close to pain-free, trouble-free motoring as you’re likely to get - everything works with slick, simple precision and you’re unlikely to suffer reliability woes. But as with choosing a fridge or double-glazing, there’s little to get emotional about when buying a Jazz.

It might lack dynamic vim, but its all-round talents are deeply impressive

For enthusiasts that’s disappointing, but when the Jazz fulfils its intended role with such spectacular aplomb it would be harsh in the extreme to criticise. It’s an excellently packaged, competitively refined and seemingly well constructed car whose merits will be well appreciated by those who buy it.

You have to pay for it, though - the Jazz isn’t a bargain to buy and not as cheap to run as many of its rivals.

The hybrid is a particular disappointment, too - it’s expensive and doesn’t live up to its eco billing.

You’ll have more fun in a Fiesta, a Polo exudes greater quality and a Fiat 500 is a good deal more stylish, but we would understand entirely anyone’s decision that the Honda Jazz was, in fact, a sound and sensible option.


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