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Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Honda is making a song and dance of the fact that its entry-level SE model, priced barely above an expensive supermini, makes Insight is the cheapest hybrid in its class – by a margin of at least £4000.

But for the time being, if your primary reason for choosing a spacious hybrid is for its exemption from city centre congestion charging, the Insight’s price advantage is a persuasive argument.

Honda reckons its Eco-Assist coaching system is like a Tamagotchi pet. Isn’t the cost of fuel more of an incentive to be economical?

Its running costs are less so. The 43.0mpg we achieved on our touring route is much less than the 56.0mpg we recorded in our road test of the Prius. At least Honda has finally addressed one of the Insight’s biggest failings: its CO2 rating, which now finally drops below 100g/km and brings with it an exemption from road tax in the process.

To insure, the Insight sits in group 15 in its most basic form, a figure matched by the Prius. 

The bigger worry for the Insight (and Prius), though, is the new breed of efficient diesels, such as the Golf BlueMotion and Focus Econetic, which for a similar price will, on paper, offer better economy and emissions.