The sensible thing to do would be to buy an Audi TT or a BMW 2 Series Coupé, wouldn’t it?

You’d more easily be able to park them, they’d use less fuel (even if you drove both of them at once, probably) and they’d prove far more agile on entertaining roads. When it comes to choosing a sports coupé, it would be sensible to forget the Mustang even exists.

Often feels out of its natural habitat in the UK but never runs out of charm

And if you did, that would be a huge shame. Yes, this car does have significant drawbacks in the UK.

Yes, you have to think twice about where you’re going to park it in town, besides next to a far greater number of fuel pumps than your peers, but no other car at this price – or several price points higher – can do what the Mustang does.

Its powertrain brings with it an appeal that engines with fewer cylinders simply cannot, and its inherent chassis balance is absolutely peachy. Sensibleness be damned. If you think you’d consider a Mustang, it’s a car we’d recommend wholeheartedly.

Even so, would it trouble our top five, sadly not. But it is up against some stiff competition and if Ford aim to improve the tone of the interior materials and make the V8 a bit more efficient then the Mustang could certainly cause the downsized Porsche Cayman, Mazda MX-5, Toyota GT86, Lotus Elise and BMW M240i some concern in the future.