There’s space aplenty up front, excellent headroom everywhere, but only reasonable legroom in the middle row. Kneeroom is compromised, too, due to the tray tables in the back of the front seats. The rear seats are only really suitable for pre-teen kids.

When not needed, the third row falls into the floor at the pull of a single strap and requires no more effort to raise, either. The only slight bother is some cosmetic matting that needs unfolding if you want that truly flat floor look.

Steve Sutcliffe

The third row of seats falls into the floor at the pull of a strap

The middle row, meanwhile, does everything short of making you afternoon tea. It folds, slides, reclines and tumbles with the minimum of effort. The boot is quite large and exceptionally well-shaped, being almost square. The boot light is also, brilliantly, a removable torch.

Citroën has tried equally hard up front, but with not quite so much success. We applaud quirkiness and originality in a Citroën – it’s what the brand is all about, after all, but not when it comes at the expense of function which, at times, it does. The steering wheel with its fixed centre boss is a nice touch, but the myriad buttons that surround it and look after, among others, the cruise control, ventilation recirculation and stereo are difficult to interpret and not intuitive to use.

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Likewise, the centre instrument panel which, if you’re prepared to pay for the option, can present its information in five different colours. Call us old-fashioned, but one colour that can actually be easily read would seem preferable to us. At least the driving position is good – though high – and benefits from a rake and reach adjustable steering column.

There are, of course, storage bins everywhere. There are lidded cubby holes on top of both sides of the dash, an air-conditioned central cubby with a hidden cup-holder, two more cup-holders between the seats, a decent-sized glovebox and generous door-bins. And if that isn’t enough to store your family’s detritus, it’s not a new car you need but a new family.

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