Citroën’s third-generation modern C4 is a car in which the sensible is blended with the unusual in several intriguing ways. Although it’s not a particularly practical mid-sized hatchback in outright terms, it is quite well priced and well equipped and has some useful features that promise to make it agreeable to live with.

There’s a certain relaxing, efficient, long-striding classic Citroën vibe about the car’s character, too, but here, the real pity is that the C4 doesn’t better deliver on its potential. Although refined in quite particular ways and circumstances, the car’s comfort and isolation levels disappoint at other times; and so many of the tactics that Citroën uses in an attempt to make it more easy to drive just make it less dynamically versatile and intuitive in a broader sense.

Has rational and irrational appeal but lacks a fine-tuned execution

The car’s value positioning and its alternative but pragmatic take on modern, safety- and convenience-first family motoring ought to make it stand out from rivals as plainly as the imaginative styling. It may not leave interested drivers wanting more, but we can’t help wondering, with more careful dynamic tuning, what might have been.

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