Citroën produces some impressive graphics showing the Citroën C4 at the head of the class depreciation curve - we’re not convinced. It may give the new Focus a run for its money, but shouldn’t worry a Volkswagen Golf.

The C4 should prove economical to run, for the most part. Yet in spite of the excellence and ingenuity of the e-HDi versions, they fail to get close to the all-important mpg and CO2 figures of the latest Golf Bluemotions, however, Citroën’s 20,000-mile service intervals are a welcome boost, too.

Matt Saunders Autocar

Matt Saunders

Road test editor
You'll most likely see some big discounts, which may make the C4 a more appealing candidate

Citroën dealers will do their best to make the C4 look more attractive with big discounts – not to the extreme levels of a few years ago, but enough to make the C4 cheaper than most rivals.

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