The C4 offers pretty obvious value for money as a family hatchback. The entry-level 99bhp Sense version is more than £1000 cheaper than a bottom-end Ford Focus and is cheaper than an equivalent Renault Mégane by a similar margin.

One or two rivals are cheaper still, but when you consider that this car comes with 18in wheels, a widescreen infotainment system, a basic autonomous emergency braking system and curtain airbags for both rows of passengers, it offers plenty for the money. Our test car was £1000 to £2500 cheaper than most of its upper-trim-level rivals when corrected for equipment, if not for power output.

Residuals are no selling point but not awful: CAP expects the C4 to get parity with a Kia Ceed and to shade a Ford Focus.

This car’s potential for better than 55mpg on longer runs might well appeal to some and, thanks to the generous-for-a-hatchback 50-litre tank, it would make for a range of more than 600 miles between fills. Insurance won’t be particularly cheap by volume-selling hatchback class standards, though, starting at a group 13 classification (some rivals go below group 10) and rising to group 22 for high-end trims.

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