From £59,5808

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The standard M4 is marginally more expensive than the outgoing M3 coupé but it comes stocked with considerably more in the way of standard equipment.

With its CO2 emissions rated at 194g/km, the car keeps clear of the highest company car tax bands and will be at least £200 cheaper to tax privately than the outgoing Audi RS5 or Mercedes-AMG C 63.

You get plenty of kit but I'd be miffed at a £140 bill for an armrest and £155 for extended storage

Our near-30mpg average will be easy to better if you steer clear of driving on circuits too often.

Resistance to depreciation, our experts say, will also be class leading.

With the standard specification being generous, it's entirely possible that you might not need to start ticking option boxes. The M DCT is the only real thinker; on balance, we'd take its speed over the manual transmission.