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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

If you’ve seen the inside of a regular 4 Series, 3 Series or in fact any BMW of late, you’ll be familiar with what’s going on inside the M4.

One of the M3’s obvious strengths has always been that there’s a high-grade 3 Series bubbling just below the surface, and the same is true here.

Visibility is average but the optional parking cameras make life easier

Fit and finish are predictably high, the ergonomics are still superb and, while a sunroof is ruled out by that single-piece carbonfibre-reinforced plastic roof, there’s sufficient space up front for the interior ambience not to be smothered by its darkly brooding aesthetic.

In the back, the generous proportions mean even the sportiest version remains a genuine four-seater, while a 445-litre boot keeps the practicality score high.

Two buttons – labelled M1 and M2 – on the excellent steering wheel allow you to assign specific settings from the car’s long menu of adaptive options. Without doing this, you either drive the car in its default mode (pleasant enough) or spend precious journey time tapping at buttons.

BMW’s Professional Media system is a carryover from the rest of the range, and while our familiarity with it certainly negates a totally unbiased first look, we’re fairly confident that it remains one of the best infotainment packages offered anywhere.

The set-up, which is powered by the best version yet of iDrive and viewed via an 8.8-inch widescreen display, comes equipped with DAB tuner, Bluetooth, satellite navigation (including excellent real-time traffic information), BMW's online services and USB connectivity as standard. Shortcut buttons around the circular iDrive controller keep dial-spinning to a minimum, and there’s nothing like a pin-sharp screen resolution to confirm the wisdom of choosing a premium product.

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The M4 is also available in two core trims - regular and Competition Pack. The standard M car gets dual-zone climate control, cruise control, wi-fi hotspot preparation, front heated seats, all-round parking sensors, auto lights and wipers, LED head, rear and fog lights, and tuned adaptive suspension and active differential. Upgrade to the Competition Pack  and the M4 gets special configurations of the active differential, sports suspension and dynamic stability control, while there are 20in alloys, a louder exhaust and a better audio system included too.

The limited edition BMW M4 GTS is a stripped out track car with a lightweight titanium exhaust, adaptive LED headlights, carbon ceramic brakes, a water injection tank and adjustable front splitter, while inside gets racing harnesses, bucket seats, Alcantara and leather interior, a roll cage and a fire extinguisher.