iQ city car to form basis for larger model; no hybrid or electric models
1 May 2008

Senior sources have revealed to Autocar that the Toyota iQ could form the basis for another, larger car.The iQ is virtually a unique product, sharing little with any other Toyota, and no car maker would make such a huge investment in a car that will only sell 100,000 units per year. So it was not a great surprise when the sources confirmed that a bigger version of the iQ was possible. Such a move would also put the Toyota in direct competition with the VW up! range.Toyota sources also told Autocar that there would not be a hybrid version of its iQ city car. That’s partly because there is no room for a battery pack (the iQ is just 2.99m long), but also because the battery would be heavy, undermining one of the main engineering points behind the iQ: weight saving.When the iQ arrives early in 2009 it will be powered by a choice of two petrol and one diesel engine. All will be ultra-clean, meeting upcoming Euro 5 and Euro 6 pollution limits. A stop-start system will further improve economy.The iQ project started back in 2003, for a market slot that Toyota described as “small yet premium”. One senior Toyota source said he expects the car to be priced “between the Fiat 500 and the Mini” and Toyota expects to sell as many as 500,000 examples of the iQ and its upcoming baby SUV in 2009.

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1 May 2008

From the first pictures, this seemed like a great looking little car. Perhaps the best looking little car ever...? The front end is quite intriguing, and it's only the sculpted shape for the front bumper assembly! The VW Up! is just so conventional and plain by comparison.

I remember the first time I saw a Fiat CInquecinto on the road (forgive the spelling if it's wrong). I was amazed at how short it was, with that abrupt rear end, a very short space behind the driver. It was quite spectacular.

Incidentally, I drive a Peugot 107/Toyota Aygo. It's a bit cheap looking when you first sit in it - and without 'luxuries' such as electric door mirrors, minimal adjustment for steering wheel/seat, but apart from that, given I live in central-ish south london, it's spot-on for my needs and I love it.

Now if only they didn't plan to make this IQ bigger, but smaller: only half as wide, a real 1-person city-commutacar - THAT would equal entry to MENSA for Toyota...

18 May 2008

Another Asian car company ripping of European styling and models. Not unlike the new Smart For 2 is it?

18 May 2008

I love it! I think they could've gone even braver and made it look even more like the original iQ Concept from last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. That would have been amazing. But the interior looks great - very very modern and I'm sure this will be a classic. And I'm glad they've managed to squeeze in some extra seats and minimalise the dashboard. I do like the Volkswagen Up!, as well, because that's got some clever technology, too, and somehow looks more simply. I can't help thinking that Toyota could've done something a bit more clever with the rear lights - these look a bit too Corolla-Verso-ish to me. Some LEDs would have been MUCH nicer, like those we've seen in the VW Up's glass tailgate. If they price this iQ below £9,000, I'm certain they'll have a winner on their hands - and every engine much undercut 100 g/km of CO2 - and then we would already be well on the way to the future...until the Fiat 500 Aria comes along, that is!! But I do like this little car - something adventurous from Toyota since the Aygo is the only car that really stands out in their line-up at the moment!

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