Porsche Panamera Executive has an extra 15cm in the wheelbase and is aimed squarely at the Chinese market
Jim Holder
20 April 2013

A long wheelbase version of the Porsche Panamera has been revealed at the Shanghai motor show.

The long wheelbase car will be available on the Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo, and will officially be named the Porsche Panamera Executive.

The cars have an additional 15cm in the wheelbase, the vast majority of which is incorporated in the rear seat area. Wealthy Chinese are typically chauffeured, making long wheelbase versions of standard cars popular for offering greater comfort and as a status symbol.

By comparison, the long wheelbase version of the Mercedes S-class offers a wheelbase of 3165mm, around 95mm more than the new Panamera.

The additional wheelbase not only allows greater rear seat comfort, but also solves one of the Panamera’'s shortcomings among customers by allowing for a longer door aperture and therefore easier ingress and egress.

As well as the additional space, the Panamera Executive models will be sold with Porsche’s active suspension system (PASM) and active air suspension as standard.

The Panamera Executive may also be sold in America, but will not be sold in Europe.


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20 April 2013

Matt Burt wrote:

The Panamera Executive may also be sold in America, but will not be sold in Europe.

Because you can configure one, prices and all, in most European configurators...



21 April 2013

That looks even dumpier than the standard model.

21 April 2013

Why are so many manufacturers making cars with more rear leg room for the Chinese market?  Sorry if this sounds racist, but I see a lot of Chinese people where I work and most of them are shorter than Europeans, so why are these cars not being made for us?

21 April 2013

well chinese people want cars that are like limos, mainly because they view it as a symbol of success. to them success is being driven around in a luxury saloon while dressed in the finest hand made suits. Most of these people are senior goverment officials or business tycoons, unlike some westerners they dont mind being envied and/or hated by other road users or pedestrians. in short excess = good 

on the other hand, people in europe are complaining about how porsches and most other cars are getting bigger. excess = bad


22 April 2013

I hear from colleagues in china that the price charged is so ridicolous everyone wants a piece of china. In some cases, double what is paid in america and 1.5 the uk.

23 April 2013

@Oz so still cheaper than what I have to pay for one in Norway!

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