Under this substantial disguise lies the ninth-generation Honda Accord saloon, which is due to go on sale in the US later this year

The ninth-generation Honda Accord has been spied testing in heavily disguised form. The car featured in these images is the saloon variant, which is set to go on sale in the USA later this year.

The finished version is expected to carry some of the styling cues featured on the Accord Coupe Concept unveiled at the Detroit motor show at the start of this year.

The saloon will be more compact than the eighth-generation model, to give it a more sporty stance. Honda hopes the shortened length and reduced weight will also give the 2013 Accord saloon more responsive handling and improved driving dynamics.

The US version of the Accord will get three new powertrains, including the first US application of both a 2.4-litre four-cylinder direct-injected engine and two-motor plug-in hybrid system from Honda's suite of Earth Dreams powertrain technologies.

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Honda Accord

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6 June 2012

Didn't the US Accord use a completely different platform to the Euro ones? The Euro Accord was sold in the US as a higher class Acura if I remember? Are Honda following the Ford route and globalising designs?

7 June 2012

Orangewheels wrote:

Didn't the US Accord use a completely different platform to the Euro ones? The Euro Accord was sold in the US as a higher class Acura if I remember? Are Honda following the Ford route and globalising designs?

Yup! The Accord took 2 different paths when the 5th gen models were launched in the early 1990s, one for North America and one for Europe, each unique and on different platforms while the latter was a variant of the Japanese market Honda Ascot Innova which also spawned the Rover 600.

It got more confusing when the 6th gen models arrived in the late-90s which saw the introduction of a 3rd distinct Accord based on its own platform for the Japanese market. The European 6th gen model was based on the platform of its predecessor, which itself underpinned the 4th gen model, the last global Accord.

The 7th gen went back to 2 Accords, one for North America and the other for Europe and Japan and although separate platforms again, the latter was based on the platform of the 6th gen Japanese Accord. The 8th gen of 2008 continued the trend again of 2 different Accords on 2 different platforms and I suspect this will be repeated for the next model.

And you're right in that some of the Euro Accords have been sold in North America as Acuras. And to confuse matters further, Accord coupes, and some estates, sold in Europe since the 5th gen models were body style variants of the North American models while 7th and 8th gen North American models have been sold in Japan as Honda Inspires. Furthermore, current North American and European Accords are sold side by side in Australia. There, nice and easy Wink

6 June 2012

This variant is NOT destined for Europe or the UK. Its for the USA only.

The planned 9th Generation Accord for this region is likely to be dropped altogether due to poor sales. The Acura ILX is being looked at to replace the Accord.

Two things are certain; first is that that Accord Autocar has shown is NOT coming here and secondly is that there is no certainty that Honda will replace the Accord at all.

6 June 2012

If Honda continue with the Accord in Europe they need to remedy a few things first.They need to forget about so called premium pricing.and introduce some smaller capacity petrol and diesel engines to help achieve that.Otherwise sales will stay flat as they are

7 June 2012

i tried a current accord. In terms of price, kit, and of course build quality and reliability,etc it seemed to be a good car. However its overly firm suspension did it no favours, and it certainly didnt drive in a 'sporty' way despite its hard ride. shame.

Hopefully Honda will have another go at Europe, but it would be understandable if they didnt, if sales in the UK have been anything to go by it wasnt worth the effort.

For decent sales the most important thing is a new range of engines with CO2 low enough for the fleet market which is so sensative to tax rates.   

7 June 2012

The US Accord is a different platform to the EU/JDM Accord.

So much so that the current and previous UK/EU/JDM Accord is sold over there as an Acura TSX (Honda's luxury brand - like Lexus or Infiniti).

My 99 Accord Coupe uses the US platform, getting parts is more difficult than the saloon (with which few, if any, parts are interchangable - even the indicator repeaters are different).

7 June 2012

I loved that car. NSX style rear lights. The ones with the factory bodykit still look fresh today with modern Accord alloy wheels put on. Shame the V6 was only automatic. Honda needs to look at the Passat/Skoda Superb range to compete. Build cheap models which look luxury, just make them less boring than the VW Group cars. I have never dirven the current Accord but I have always liked the look of it.

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