We’ve caught next year’s hottest new car in action around Stuttgart’s streets
13 February 2008

Last week, Autocar magazine published the most revealing pictures yet seen of the car that will take Porsche into executive territory late in 2009 – the new Panamera. Today, we’ve gone one better: below you’ll find exclusive spy video of the car, taken around the streets of Porsche’s native Stuttgart, showing the car in action for the first time.The Panamera is due to enter production in April 2009, before officially launching in the summer. It’ll be available at launch with a choice of naturally aspirated and twin-turbo V8 power; a cheaper 300bhp V6 option, costing less than £50,000, will join the range later on, as will a hybrid-electric version. Some at Weissach are even talking about a diesel.Inside, the Panamera will be a strict four-seater, featuring four sports seats and a high, cabin-length centre console.

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13 February 2008

There is nothing spied about that footage, its a set up. The same car "spied" in all those different locations and non of them near the factory or weissach......

13 February 2008

That is not an attractive car. I know Porsche were on the economic brink but was it really necessary to give us the Cayenne and now the Panamera just so they could buy a chunk of VW?

I'll probably get hateful replies but hopefully you get my point. What's next for Porsche? A Mini Cooper S rival based on the Golf with faux-Boxster front and Cayenne rear lights teutonically tacked on?

13 February 2008

What is the point of it? It looks like an estate.... but only has 4 seats. Call me stupid, I just don't "get it". Where exactly is it trying to position itself?

13 February 2008

I agree Gents'. Can't decide if Porsche has set a target somewhere between a Ferrari Mondial and a school bus. Maybe its design reflects its target market with the 'big fat cigar' look. Porsche as a focused sporstcar brand is going down the pan at the moment. Maybe we're wrong and we need another BMW and Audi that produces both saloons and sportscars? Porsche as sportscar brand RIP. Hope management are right taking the company in this direction!!

13 February 2008

Would it not be nice to see a new Porsche that did not look like a scaled up/down 911 at the front end?

Can we please see some originality in the design department?

13 February 2008

Is it me or are Porsche being very careless. letting this car be seen in so many places in the middle of cities during daylight hours?

Surely, they want to keep it secret.

Or is Autocar (and others) effectively partners to Porsche is a sort of controlled "scoop" process?

19 February 2008

This design reminds me of the Aston Martin 4-door. Take one existing coupe, stretch it and add 2 doors and there you have the saloon that looks like a hatchback, how horrid!! No doubt this will be 10 feet wide like the Cayenne (swear word).

Why are Porsche, a prestigious sportscar maker producing 4-door saloons and off-roaders? To say the Cayenne is ugly is a mild. If they want more money then build a smaller, cheaper sportscar that still has the prestige. After all, the Mini has prestige in the small car market and it wasn't even a make of car ten years ago! It's time only the 911 had 911 looks. Each model should be unique. Maybe it's also time to scrap the 911 and produce a front engined 2+2 car and maybe give it a new name, say 933 or something similar? I'm not a fan of the 911's 'melted in the sun' VW Beetle styling, although i am pleased they are trying to limit the size of the car.

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