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New lightweight components are available on 997 GT3 and GT3 RS models

Porsche has made available a range of retrofitted lightweight components for the GT3 and GT3 RS 911 models.

The parts are developed by Porsche's Motorsport Division in Weissach and are fully track tested. They are available for the 997 versions of the 911 to all Porsche customers around the world, except those in China.

See the high-res Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS components picture gallery

The components are meant to minimise weight and improve performance, as well as to enhance the looks of the GT3 and GT3 RS.

The new double tailpipe made of titanium, for example, reduces the weight of the car at the rear. The white-metallic patina of the tailpipe turns blue when exposed to high exhaust temperatures, like on many racing cars.

The lip spoiler at the rear and the rear air intake provide a further reduction of weight. Both are made of super-light but extra-stable carbon. Other carbon components include the wing mirrors. New 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels are also available.

Porsche has not announced pricing for the new components. They are available to order now.

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LP in Brighton 7 January 2010

Re: Porsche offers 911 GT3 upgrades

Wow, I'll bet those carbon fibre "wing" mirrors transform the handling. Perhaps Porsche could tell us just how much weight exactly they save, I can't imagine that the original ABS? ones are especially heavy. Presumably they have junked the electric motors which add weight and are invariably used just once each time the car has a new owner? It's reassuring to know that they have been fully track-tested!

dennisthemenance 7 January 2010

Re: Porsche offers 911 GT3 upgrades

No two ways about it. You will end up paying more for less.

Lighter weight = lighter wallet in Porsche's term.

tannedbaldhead 7 January 2010

Re: Porsche offers 911 GT3 upgrades

Autocar wrote:
except those in China

Yup, cant let China get it's hands on all the weight saving technology.