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Australian journos left without a car to test after writer caught at 144mph

An Australian journalist has been caught driving a Ferrari California at 144mph - prompting the police to impound the car before it could be tested by other members of the media.

The Ferrari California, one of only two in Australia, was being driven by Financial Review motoring writer Rod Easdown.

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The car had been brought into Australia by Ateco Automotive and was scheduled for test drives with media outlets last week.

Police said the Ferrari California had been recorded travelling at more than twice the legal limit near Toodyay.

Easdown has been charged with reckless driving and the car has been impounded under so-called 'hoon legislation' for seven days.

A local police spokesman said, "The incident should serve to remind drivers that regardless of a car’s capabilities, excessive speed is a contributing factor in about 60 people dying on our roads each year."

A spokesman for Ateco refused to comment.

If any Australian journalists or car enthusiasts want to find out what the Ferrari California is like to drive, just follow the link below.

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