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Open-top Corvette gets at least 625bhp. It has been unveiled today in New York ahead of limited sales beginning in the UK in 2015

The new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 convertible has made its world debut at the New York motor show today. It’s the open-top sibling to the Z06 coupé, which was shown in Detroit earlier this year.

This is the first fully developed convertible version of the modern, hardcore-performance Corvette, but it isn’t the first soft-top Z06. In 1963, the Z06 package was first offered on the Corvette for endurance racing. 199 examples were thus fitted, but only one was a convertible. It’s taken more than 50 years for a follow up. 

There is very little difference between the new Z06 coupé and convertible. The C7 Corvette’s aluminum chassis was already 20 per cent stiffer than the C6 Z06, so no structural changes were needed for the convertible. The weight is nearly identical and the chassis tuning is unchanged. Track-focused Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres as well as carbon-ceramic brakes are available, as are three different aerodynamic packages. 

The supercharged 6.2-litre V8 engine powering the convertible is said to have “at least” 625bhp and, just like the coupe, buyers can choose between a seven-speed manual or eight-speed torque-converter automatic transmissions.

The Z06’s powerered top can be lowered via the key fob at speeds up to 30mph. It continues the classic Corvette “waterfall” look, with a body-color insert behind the seats carrying the exterior color inside the cabin. Due to the lack of rear quarter panels, the differential and transmission cooler air intakes were moved to underneath the car. 

As with the standard Corvette, the Z06 will only be offered in left-hand drive. The Z06 coupe will go on sale in the US in December, with the convertible following next June. Depending on demand, limited units of the convertible may also be sold in the UK, though it's likely to be some time before any models reach this country.

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JOHN T SHEA 18 April 2014


Amen to the commenters above! Clearly GM and some other companies are really not interested in selling cars. About 1.5 billion people live in RHD countries like India, Japan, UK, South Africa and Australia. Ignoring them is an insult from GM.
agebefore 13 April 2014

RHD icons

IIRC, neither the Veyron nor the McLaren P1 have ever been offered in RHD. That's also true for the Porsche 918 and I believe for the Ferrari F40/F50/Enzo too. Doubt if La Ferrari will bother to break that rule.

You can snaffle a Koenigsegg, Pagani or Lambo in RHD though. Guess that makes them 'global icons' and the rest also-rans then?

Leslie Brook 13 April 2014


and McLaren's earlier offering the F1 wasn't available with either LHD or RHD.
Peter Cavellini 12 April 2014

Ho hum..........

Until they stick the Wheel on the right side for the other Territories that don't drive on the right, the Corvette isn't an icon globally,if it was that good,how in all the decades,in all the new variants,has it never been engineered for RHD?,all other Icons in the Car World Porsche's,Ferrari's,Lamborghini's,Mercedes,Bugatti just to name a few,have built their cars for all markets, why hasn't Chevrolet?
artill 12 April 2014

Its a good point Peter. I

Its a good point Peter. I know there had been talk of RHD this time, but nothing now for a long time. I wonder what will come first, a RHD Corvette, or a manual F Type Jag, another car we were once told was coming and since everything has gone quiet.
Peter Cavellini 12 April 2014

Re- F-type.

Have read recently that there is going to be a lightweight with either!
NMGOM 16 April 2014

Right on...

Peter and Artill - -


As an American, one of my written challenges to Corvette, is, if they want to claim "global", they'll have to compete globally, --- and that means placing the bloody steering wheel where it's appropriate for the country they'r trying to compete in.
This isn't rocket science, folks...

If Mustang can do it, why not Corvette???
We KNOW that Corvette can beat the pants off almost any other 2-seat sports-car out there, when price is factored in. And surprise of all surprises, it just won Ward's Best Ten for interiors. So, with 625 HP and cornering like slot-car, what's not to like?