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Autocar readers have been ensnard by the production delays to the new Range Rover Evoque

Autocar readers have been ensnared by the production delays to the new Range Rover Evoque blamed on supply problems to some components, including xenon headlights.

Amongst them is Paul Terry, whose car was scheduled to be built on October 21st, but will be delivered much later than thought.

Terry wrote to Autocar that ‘the car would be delayed by around two months’.

His situation is made worse because he sold his car before being told about the delay and his dealer says that a loan car isn’t available from its fleet or centrally from Land Rover.

‘There are proportion of Evoque customers who will be receiving their cars later than they thought,’ admits Land Rover.

Although when contacted by Autocar on Terry’s behalf, Land Rover has pledged to look into his problem.

‘The average delay is three to four weeks,’ says the company, ‘thanks to a number of short-term supply issues on some components, one of which is xenon headlamps’.

Land Rover now says the supply of xenon headlamps is ‘back to normal’.

Autocar readers also report that the panoramic roof — which floods the interior of the Evoque with light — has been singled out by their dealers as a supply issue.

But Land Rover denies that is the case. However, it does say that: ‘Take-up of the glass roof is bigger than originally thought’.

Thanks to the highly-effective launch of the Evoque, demand is so high that Land Rover is now quoting delivery in March or April next year for an order placed in November — between five and six months. The company also says there are very few cars in stock.


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