Uk adds new trim level to range; adds extra kit
20 May 2010

The Volkswagen Golf range has a new trim level, with the SE Golf being replaced with a better-equipped Match model.

Although it's sticker price is £300 more than the SE, with prices starting at £17,730, VW says the Match comes with £1600 worth of added equipment.

This includes a different design of alloy wheel, leather multi-function steering wheel, digital radio, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, front and rear parking sensors and a touchscreen stereo system with six-CD changer.

That's in addition to all of the features that were standard on the SE car including air conditioning, alarm, cruise control, seven airbags and stability control.

Buyers can choose from 121bhp 1.4-litre petrol, 104bhp 1.6-litre diesel or 138bhp 2.0-litre diesel engines.

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Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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20 May 2010

Those additions certainly make the Golf seem better value for money. Digital Radio is particularly unusual as standard equipment.

20 May 2010

Makes the over priced and under equiped Focus seem even more of a rip-off.

20 May 2010

This looks very impressive - good move by VW.

The SE was already reasonably well equipped, but it missed out on a few things like the leather steering wheel, which was standard on the MK5 Match.

This MK6 Match fixes all that, your getting an incredible ammount for your money! Leather MFSW, RCD510 with Bluetooth & DAB, Parking sensors, nicer looking alloys plus all the stuff the SE already had.

With the much sought after 1.4 TSI 122 engine this would make a great buy, and is by far and away the best car in the sector. It makes a mockery of anything else in that sector at the moment, from Kia to BMW, nothing can touch the Golf's stunning all round ability!

20 May 2010

The 2.0 TDI 140 Match Bluemotion Technologies also looks a good buy, with just 114g/ km CO2 emissions. At last we have a car that beats the BMW 118d (143ps).

20 May 2010

Yawn......another boring vw.....tut,tut way down on the jd power survey.when speced up...not that cheap either.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

20 May 2010

[quote goodcarlover]Yawn......another boring vw.....tut,tut way down on the jd power survey[/quote]

The Golf 6 came 4th in the recent Auto Express diver satisfaction and reliability ratings, well ahead of any Ford.

[quote goodcarlover]when speced up...not that cheap either.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[/quote]

What more do you want, apart from front fogs it's pretty much fully loaded. From memory it's better speced overall than a Focus Zetec (wind up rear windows anyone) and a couple of grand cheaper too. Oh, and before you bang on about discounts they're available on Golfs too. The Golf will also hold on to thousands of pounds more of its value in the long run too.

There's a reason that Ford discounts the Focus.

20 May 2010

[quote goodcarlover]Yawn......another boring vw.....tut,tut way down on the jd power survey.when speced up...not that cheap either.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[/quote]

Are you just showing of how little you know?

Golf was already a great car, with the 2011 changes its now even better. Every engine is now turbocharged (only car in sector to manage this), new design alloy wheels, fully loaded Match (best equipped in sector), 2.0 TDI 140 can be had with a bluemotion package dropping emissions to 114g/ km (also best in sector).

The list price are cheaper than Ford and Vauxhalls, and 4-figure discounts are available on most models via a broker. Golf will hold onto at least 50% of its value over 3-years. You would be foolish to buy anything else. Nothing even comes close to this good.

20 May 2010

That is fantastic value for money, well done VW! All those extras for just £300 more than the SE, makes this version of the Golf so much better value than all of its rivals. Plus with the added assurance of German build quality and lower depreciation rates, it makes you wonder why you would buy anything else. I'm very surprised that the touchscreen DAB radio comes as standard too, we're in top-spec options list territory with that surely?! The interesting part will come when BMW and Audi have to step up to the mark to try and combat it, they'll have to pull a few tricks I think to Match this!!

21 May 2010

[quote J400uk]2.0 TDI 140 can be had with a bluemotion package [/quote] No it can't. Bluemotion is 1.6 diesel only. [quote J400uk]dropping emissions to 114g/ km (also best in sector).[/quote]

New Toyota Auris Hybrid: 89 g/km.

Volvo C30: 99 g/km.

Bluemotion is not bad, but not best in sector.

21 May 2010

Mmm, £17,730? With DAB?

Tempting, but still £17,000 over my budget sadly.

I think I may be on the wrong forum...


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