Currently reading: VW Golf Mk7 to be electric
Next-generation Golf will be offered as a hybrid and an EV

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf will be sold as both a hybrid and a full EV, VW’s R&D boss, Ulrich Hackenberg, has told Autocar.

Speaking at the LA motor show, he said: "We’re looking at a hybrid version of a compact car for Europe and it will come on the next Golf, and an EV version."

Hackenberg also admitted that diesel hybrid technology, previewed on the Up Lite concept, could be upscaled to bigger cars.

The Up Lite has a two-cylinder diesel engine, assisted by a 10kW electric motor, but Hackenberg revealed that a 30kW motor with a bigger engine was easily achieveable.

There’s little chance of seeing a hybrid Lamborghini or Bentley, he said, but both companies could produce electric versions in the future.

"Supersports cars need to be full EVs, like our Audi e-tron concept," he said. "It all depends on the development of batteries and weight. Supersports cars need to be lighter."


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tbisset1 3 December 2009

Re: VW Golf Mk7 to be electric

Why isn't the government and more car manufacturers investing in Hydrogen fuel cells, whihch produce next to none emissions. This is the way forward, not hybrids but hydrogen

beachland2 3 December 2009

Re: VW Golf Mk7 to be electric

At current consumption there is enough oil to last at least 500years. But it's very hard to access and process and not very efficient, but it is there. way before then other alternatives will become much cheaper and friendlier. I expect in 30 years time they might have got the technology sorted for electric cars (in a good way, not the crap batteries we have now). So we have plenty of oil over the next 3 decades, while they sort it out. We dont need electric cars now, but if the wealthy want to set an example and subsidise it they are welcome.

Uncle Mellow 3 December 2009

Re: VW Golf Mk7 to be electric

TheOmegaMan wrote:

Why are they still bothering with all this green eco blue stop/start crap?

Man-made global warming is officially a hoax.

Crude oil is nevertheless a finite resource , and anything that can be done to make it last longer is good.