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New three-wheeled electric scooter weighs just 11kg and will cost from around £700 in the UK
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24 July 2015

Volkswagen is preparing to launch a new three-wheeled electric scooter as part of plans to extend its operations into new mobility fields.

Revealed here in a series of official photographs for the first time, the new scooter has been developed under the internal working name Last Mile Surfer – a title Wolfsburg officials suggest will be brought to the production version of the foldable device.

The Last Mile Surfer is claimed to weigh 11kg. It has been developed to be carried in a car's boot and then used for the final phase of a journey in a manner similar to a Segway, allowing motorists to take advantage of parking possibilities outside congested city centres without the need to rely on public transport.

A lithium-ion battery is claimed to provide the new Volkswagen scooter with a range of 12.4 miles.

Volkswagen chairman, Martin Winterkorn, says the Last Mile Surfer will go on sale in 2016 at a price less than 1000 euros, suggesting it could be offered in the UK at around £700.

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24 July 2015
I'm thrilled to see someone in the Volkswagen has the grey matter to do something approaching original however given the immensity and enormity of this mighty group I would've expected a flying car or something astonishing of that scale.

24 July 2015
It may cost £700 but will it be legal to use either on the road or on a pavement? The Segway isn't and I don't see any functional pedals that may make it legal under electric bike legislation?

25 July 2015
This is my concern. The segway is a fantastic thing, but can only be used on private land.

24 July 2015
I would prefer it in blue! White brings back memories of the electric C3!

27 July 2015
Great idea. Walking and gentle exercise is really unhealthy. And it takes a full ten minutes to walk a mile at a brisk space, so thats ten-minutes of unhealthy exercise bypassed.


5 August 2015
I suppose, issues of classification, licensing and insurance apart, this may be a way for motorists to beat city centre congestion charges, which are sure to spread over the next few years. Although of course, a folding electric bicycle might just as easily suffice.........

28 January 2019


28 January 2019


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